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05/10/10 05:33 PM #1522    

Jodi Palm (Merrifield)

Joe, I think it's great that you want to continue & start a "new" tradition with the golf outing...don't worry, our planning days are least for the next few years!! I think I can speak for all of us on the planning commitee that you won't be stepping on any of our "toes"  I said,  I think it's great you want to keep it going!!

05/14/10 01:45 PM #1523    

David Dobradenka

Ok Joe we have the go ahead to start planning.  Please let me know what day and time the golf outing will be.  I think we should keep it around the same as last year (beggining of August).  Once I know the date and approximate number of people I can call around and get a reserved area.  I am thinking we might just do Rochester Mills again.  IT was big enough and then people can venture off from there.  Let me know what you think?  We could always have a pre meeting or two or three or four at your brother bar?  Let me know

05/14/10 09:04 PM #1524    


Joe Youngblood

Doby..I was thinking August 7th but i want to make sure that is good at the course.  Rochester Mills works great since people can walk to Royal Park for the night.  I love the pre meeting ideas!! :)

05/26/10 12:46 PM #1525    

David Dobradenka

Give me a call and we can set up a pre meeting time.  I think 7-Aug will be good with most people.  It is far enough out that they can start to plan.  Call me 248-892-0379.  Once you are confirmed I will contact Roch Mills for space and then we will send out invites via here and facebook.  We can then get an accurate count for golf and Roch Mills!

05/29/10 01:16 PM #1526    

James Green

im in for golf outing and bar and just dont forget about me this yr joe with putting me in 4 some

06/02/10 08:58 AM #1527    

Wendy Clune (Frericks)

hey u guys its Clune (well frericks now!)!  My husbands name is James (u probably remember him Doby) and we both golf but i think we will probably sleep all day so we can keep up with u guys all night! So i dont think we will golf but we definetly be in for the after party/picnic.  We were disappointed that we were travelling at the time of the reunion last year, but I'm so glad it was such a success.  I will watch this site for udates on the specifics so please keep them posted.  (P.S. cant wait to have a beer with u again  Doby!  Been too long, man.) -- Wendy

06/11/10 10:34 PM #1528    


Joe Youngblood

Golf outing is August 7th at Black Heath and after party in Rochester ( Doby has the details on that).  Tee off in the morning and than head to Rochester (I think Doby set it up at the same place as last year....Brewing Company) and than after hours at Royal Park.  Sorry I missed you Jim but glad it all worked out for you.  Email on this message board who wants to play as a single or foursome.  Thanks Joe

06/24/10 09:26 AM #1529    

Jodi Palm (Merrifield)

Joe & Doby

 If I were you, I'd set up a an "event invitation" on FB...seems like a lot more people are using that these days...although many do still check the message board--although quietly!!

06/30/10 02:20 PM #1530    

Sheri Strang

Jodi- There was an invitation sent out on Facebook. :o)   Joe and Dave-Thanks for planning the event, guys.  I am not a golfer at all, but I will join in on the second part of the day.  I am looking forward to catching up with everyone again.  Hopefully, this time no wheelchair! ;o)

07/01/10 01:31 PM #1531    

Jodi Palm (Merrifield)

Of course there is--and I even responded to the darn thing back in May...duh!! It was so long ago, I completely forgot about it!! I hope to make it up to the Mills later on...

07/15/10 08:04 AM #1532    

Jennifer Cavanaugh (Horvath)

Joe - I must be the last person in the world not on facebook!  I had responded earlier that Kelly Greene and I would be golfing, but she is unable to make it into town that weekend so, unfortunately, we will not be joining you.  I am sure that it will be alot of fun.  Sorry to miss it!  Hopefully I will be able to make it up to the Brewery later that night.  See you then.

07/22/10 10:20 PM #1533    


Joe Youngblood

No problem Jen but we will miss you and Kelly on the course.  We tee off at high noon everyone that is playing!!  Black heath.  Joe

07/23/10 08:47 AM #1534    


Joseph Hood

anyone coming in early or that wants to start early-royal park fri-9pm

07/24/10 07:43 PM #1535    


Joe Youngblood

We need golfers.  We only have 3-4 groups!!

03/07/11 06:07 AM #1536    

Debra Miller

Doesnt seem that anyone checks this anymore but will there be a 22 year get together?

03/22/11 06:40 PM #1537    

Michelle Marinacci

 Debbie - if you will be home... that's a reason to celebrate.... let me know when & i will plan it! Can't say there will be a golf outing.... That's up to Youngblood...I can do the after party. Hope all is well.

03/29/11 12:16 PM #1538    

Debra Miller

Yes Ill be flying back to the states 28 July, but probaby wont get back to Mi until 6 Aug.

03/29/11 12:16 PM #1539    

Debra Miller

oh and I"ll be back until 21 Aug.

04/06/11 09:12 AM #1540    


Tracy Murphy (Jenkins)

Summer is getting booked and I want to attend one of these golf/reunion gatherings...any dates set? 


04/17/11 07:52 PM #1541    


Joe Youngblood

We will have a golf outing....22 year party.  Same Saturday as last year as long as the course is open....Black Heath!!  Stay Tuned!!  Thanks Joe

05/03/11 08:11 AM #1542    

Debra Miller

Which Saturday would that be? I seem to remember it was the first week? If thats the case - I wont be able to make it again.

01/15/18 05:51 PM #1543    

Stacy Kearis (Cerget)

Hey Class of 1989!

The Reunion Committee has started ramping up and working on planning the 30 YEAR Reunion (Yeah 30 Baby!). If we can get the word out to update your information on this site, it will make the Committees job much easier while they start planning the BIGGEST PARTY EVER!

 30 Year Reunion tentatively being planned for August or September 2019. 


10/28/18 04:10 PM #1544    

James Swartz

I’m glad to get up to date again. It has been years... To update, I just received a new kidney!!!  This begins a new chapter in my life without Dialysis.

10/28/18 07:35 PM #1545    


Dino Zoyes

James, that's awesome news!  Glad to hear you are on the road to recovery!

10/31/18 04:11 PM #1546    


Ercole Capicchioni

make sure its someplace nice ,   like a hall with good food ))))

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